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Cape Town

29 October 2021


Harnessing the Elements


Join us for an evening of mindful movement, meditation and breathing. 

Experience freedom through conscious practices to tap into your body and calm your mind.



Earth, Water, Fire, Air: the commonly known forces that compose our reality and make life possible. Many cultures include a fifth element, loosely translated as Aether, Void, or Spirit. 


The elements have been used to describe everything from changing seasons, colours, masculinity and femininity, moon cycles, astrological signs, to ailments and imbalances in the body.


Intuitively, we feel their energies permeating and radiating throughout our bodies, physically and emotionally. The heat of our rage, the grounding of our calm. When in alignment, we feel their power and their flow. When out of balance, we too feel their lack or their wrath. 


For this event, we come together to consciously and intentionally go on a journey to tune into these energies, feel them and find our balance between them. 


Come play in the wind of your fire, explore the depths of your rain, as we dance, shake and quake to the rhythm of life once more. Like a drumbeat from long ago, we are here once more to feel the beat of this existence. 


Let us spiral upwards and outwards, and in unison, learn to harness the elements within us all.


What to bring:

-        Yoga mat or blanket to sit/lay on

-        Water bottle

-        Comfortable, layered clothing

-        Please note: We recommend attending this event substance free to experience the natural benefit the practice has to offer.



-        The venue is Sensiva Café, 222 Sir Lowry Rd, Zonnebloem, Cape Town, 7925

-        Enter the building and head towards the back wall, there will be a gate on your left leading upstairs. You will find us at the top of the stairs.

-        Parking for this event will be street parking.