Upcoming Events

01 Free Online Breathwork

Breathwork is the conscious control of the breath, and has become known for its ability to powerfully influence a person's mental, emotional and physical state. Many people report accessing transcendental states during deep breathwork sessions, likened sometimes to that of an Ayahuasca ceremony. 

It is a powerful healing modality that allows one to access one's own inner healer, using the innate wisdom of the body to heal and release energy that is ready to be let go of, and with that, welcome in space for the new to be born. 

(To read more about Breathwork, check out our friends at www.bodhibreathwork.com)

16 November 2021

17:30 to 19:00



Bringing you the best of Psychedelic and Plant Medicine Cinema, we intend to find and screen both deeply educational and visually explorative films for us to enjoy and dissect together!

Latest films we intend to screen:

-Fantastic Fungi

-The Way of the Psychonaut

-The Mushroom Cure

-Journey to the Edge of Consciousness


-From Shock to Awe


Films will be shown in Cape town and Joburg.




06 psychedelic cONFERENCE – 2022

We are working on manifesting the exciting return of Psychedelic Conferences in South Africa! In part, it will be similar to the past Khanyisa Psychoactive Plant Conference (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-kgTjtAlY0), but perhaps this time around, with a wider audience, more collaborators, and a larger range of offerings. If you have any ideas, connections or contributions, please feel free to connect and let us know!





02 Movement Medicine

Movement Medicine (or Conscious Dance) is the intentional practice of allowing our bodies to move in a way that feels right in each moment, connecting us to our subconscious and to our inherent sense of flow. 

This event is facilitated in a comfortable and safe space, without judgement and expectations, which frees us from the mental and emotional barriers that cause self-consciousness and self-limitation. This encourages freedom of expression, play, and exploration of the healing power of our own bodies. 

If you feel called to come home to yourself, and have fun while you're doing it, check our upcoming dates below.

29 October 2021

6-8:30 PM


Interactive sessions hosted by a variety of selected teachers and guides, on everything from how to grow your own mushrooms to turning an orgasm into a Kundalini Awakening!




04 sharing & integration cIRCLES

Safe spaces to come together to share, listen, learn, integrate and cross-pollinate.