Ayahuasca, Vision Quests and Giving Back with Liesl Kruger

A conversation with an elder.

From Tax Lawyer to Prestigious Medicine Woman

Liesl Kruger is one of the most respected people in the plant medicine world of South Africa.

With 18 years of training under various teachers from different traditions in Mexico and Brazil, working deeply with an extensive range of plant medicines such as Ayahuasca, Mushrooms, Peyote, San Pedro, Bufo and more, she has much wisdom to share on a range of topics.

Liesl is now focused on facilitating plant medicine ceremonies, mainly Ayahuasca, as well as the Vision Quest, an initiatory rite of passage in which participants isolate themselves on a mountain for 4 days and nights with no food or water in search of a vision.

Not only a bridge between ancient and modern ways of being, but also between the different generations, Liesl is somewhat of a mother to those searching for healing and seeking to find their way.

  • - Liesl’s journey on the medicine path 

  1. - Thoughts on the current psychedelic psychotherapy movement 
  2. - Advice for those curious about working with these medicines 
  3. - The importance of giving back to the communities that these medicines come from 
  4. - Tobacco as the original medicine 
  5. - The Vision Quest 
  6. - The necessity of discomfort for healing
  7. - Healing little traumas and the self limiting beliefs that stem from them 
  8. - The value of initatory practices for the next stage in life 
  9. - And much more...

You can find Liesl here: http://spiritusvictoria.com 

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