Maaz Si – The Intersection of Sufism and Psychedelics

Maaz has worked extensively with indigenous plant medicines and knowledge systems. Combining Islamic Sufi Mysticism with the medicine (Nixi-Pae/Ayahuasca) of the native Huni Kuin people from Brazil.

As you’ll hear, Maaz is a man with a life-long calling to work with Ayahuasca, but also to reignite and integrate ancient knowledge systems back into society to reinstate harmony with ourselves and nature.

I first met Maaz at a Nixi-Pae (Ayahuasca) ceremony. I was astounded by his extensive knowledge and wisdom about plants and fungi as well has his ability to articulate the spiritual dimension of the experiences that they bring about.

His ability to remain so centered and composed after drinking copious amounts of Ayahuasca and hold space in the strong, elegant way that he does made me feel like I was Frodo fighting alongside Legolas.

I have since learned that this energy shines through Maaz in all that he does, and I am so grateful that he agreed to share some of it with us in this episode.

In this episode, we talk about:

-  The Intersection of Sufism and Plant Medicine

-  Maaz’ life changing first experience with Ayahuasca, and the journey he’s been on ever since

-  How Maaz Combines the teachings of the Sufi’s and the Huni Kuin

-  The risk of charlatans in the medicine world

-  How to know if you’re being called to serve medicine

-  Ayahuasca vs Mushrooms

-  Why some people don’t have visions in Ayahuasca ceremonies

-  What is surrender and is it the only thing we need to do in ceremony?

-  Maaz recommends some tools for preparation and integration to support journeys