Reconnecting to Our Inner Healer with Gui Tantan

Insights from a veteran Brazilian spiritual psychologist

Marijuana Paranoia, Clown Medicine and Family Constellations

Gui is a trained spiritual psychologist, family constellations teacher, interpreter and natural born clown from Brazil.

He has been working with a wide range of plant medicines and healing modalities, mainly Ayahuasca in Brazil and South Africa, for about 30 years now.

He likes to talk down the idea of having a Dharma or purpose, but he is clearly a man in full alignment with his own.

With the wisdom of an elder and the wonder of child, Gui brings his spirit of lightness and laughter to this conversation, making it an absolute delight to listen to!


In this episode:
- Gui’s life path up until now
- How Gui came out of his shell as a shy young boy
- Gui’s involvement in the Santo Daime
- Death as the ultimate way to connect
- The alchemy of laughter
- 1 on 1 medicine sessions vs group ceremonies
- Family Constellations
- How psychedelics help release trauma
- The Medicine of Unity (San Pedro, peyote and Psilocybin, Ayahuasca and honey all mixed into one!)
- The healing potential of Marijuana. (The paranoia is the medicine working!)
- Psychedelic Therapy as a way to connect us back to our Inner Healers
- And a whole lot more…

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