Françoise Bourzat on Becoming a Guide, How Mushrooms Heal and Celebration

A communion with a world leading psychedelic guide trainer.

Consciousness Medicine

Françoise Bourzat is a world leading psychedelic guide trainer. With over 30 years of experience combining indigenous wisdom with modern knowledge, she is truly at the forefront of the psychedelic renaissance and we could think of no one else we would rather have at the helm.

It is such an honor to have Francoise on the podcast. To be honest, we were quite surprised when she responded to our invite. After reading her book Consciousness Medicine, I felt a sense of deep comfort knowing that someone is doing this work in a way that acknowledges every aspect of being human and integrates the best of the old with the new ways with so much love and integrity that it feels like she’s giving you a big hug through the pages. 

And thats exactly what this episode is. A big warm hug.

We hope you enjoy this one as much as we did.

Thank you Francoise!

In this conversation:

What can the indigenous and modern ways learn from eachother?

The importance of celebration in the healing process

Preparation and Integration

What qualifies the guide?

The loving approach to the commodification of these medicines

How do mushrooms actually heal?

Why making the decision to heal is 50% of the journey

Links to Francoise Work:

Françoise is the co-founder of the Center for Consciousness Medicine, which is looking to become a world leading organization in training reputable psychedelic guides. Interested in becoming a trained psychedelic therapist? Check it out.

Françoise’s Book, Consciousness Medicine : Indigenous Wisdom, Psychedelic Therapy, and the Path of Transformation: A Practitioner's Guide is the first book I've read that simultaneously feels like a text book, an adventure novel and a love letter at the same time. Highly recommended for anyone anywhere on the medicine path.

Follow Françoise on Instagram @francoise_bourzat and the Center for Consciousness Medicine @centerforconsciousnessmedicine

She leads mushroom ceremonies and retreats for parents who have lost their children, in Jamaica

If you want to hear more of Françoise, checkout her recent podcast with Tim Ferris