Birthing the Psychedelic Society, ‘Bad Trips’ at Parties and The Evolution of Mental Health with Mishka Latib and Nicholas Stubbs

Today’s episode is as close to home as it gets for us.

Myself (Nicholas Stubbs) and PsySoc SA founder Mishka Latib have a conversation that covers many important but less spoken experiences that people new to the psychedelic space often find themselves in.

We go from giving our two cents on what to do if you find yourself having a ‘bad trip’ at a party, all the way into the depths of Mishka’s unbelievable life story so far.

The journey that lead Mishka to where she is now is one that should be heard by everyone going through any kind of struggle. The fact that she not only made it through, but has since developed into one of the most clear-headed and empowered people I know, is evidence that darkness precedes the light if you’re willing to face it.

We hope you enjoy this conversation!


- Mishka’s profound personal journey with plant medicine

- Where the Psychedelic society came from and where we see it going

- The new paradigm of healing

- Is plant medicine for you?

- How to deal with a ‘bad trip’ at a party

- The limitations and dangers of psychedelics

- The dark night of the soul which often accompanies healing

- The importance of finding a facilitator who ‘speaks your language’

- Surrendering and having the courage to become yourself

- Microdosing

- African and Western perspectives on plant medicine


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