The Psychedelic Society is here to provide information around the latest news, research, and current events related to the study of psychedelics as mode of healing, recovery, and psychotherapy.


We aim to help build a community that can connect like-minded individuals, provide education to those seeking answers, and to further establish grounds for sharing resources for people professionally involved or interested in becoming involved.


Our focus is around exploring knowledge related to psychedelic compounds, expanded states of consciousness as well as natural and alternative therapies, practices and medicines to enhance the mind, body, and spirit.

About Us

We believe consuming Psychedelics is a personal, valid choice that many South Africans make everyday, who should be allowed access to information relating to the safe and effective use of these powerful substances without the fear of stigmatization or punishment. We hope this will provide a platform for a growing conversation around psychedelics and expanding consciousness within South Africa, and lay grounds for related talks, fun meetups, screenings, workshops and events where we can collectively explore the works of past luminaries, radical new ideas, alternative therapies, ancient knowledge systems and everything in between!


This society is not a pro-drug organization and while we advocate for decriminalization of Psychedelics, we do not promote illegal activity. Rather this is a society that aims to educate about a fascinating class of chemicals and plants and the extended multidisciplinary body of knowledge surrounding them. This includes but is not limited to psychology, chemistry, ethnobotany, philosophy, shamanism, spirituality, neuroscience, law, medicine, pharmacology, history, politics, alternative and holistic health, music and art.


We hope through education we may help to reduce the possibility of negative experiences among those who have an inclination to explore such compounds as well as help those who have already explored various altered states find means of integrating their experiences.


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what we do


Helping everybody find the others. Inspired by similar organizations around the world, we wanted to bridge the gap between our deep inner experiences and the outer world.


Not ceremonies, but spaces where we can all come and see eachother’s faces


Keep people up to date on the latest happenings around the psychedelic world. Research, articles, media. Basically any major waves


We want to play our part in the legalization of these compounds


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Our Team


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